Adoration Trailer

From the Diary of Saint Faustina - Jesus speaks:
“I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy. That vessel is this image with the signature: “Jesus I trust in You” (Diary, 327). I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and [then] throughout the world.” (47).

Have an image set up of the Divine Mercy.

Look at this picture. I am the only light in this picture. Apart from me, there is darkness.

For one to remain in my light, one must never be far from me. I am the only light. I am the only way. Do not distract the children from me. I should be their only focus. There is time for fun and there is time for prayer. I am the prayer in their heart. Are the children focusing on my image of Divine Mercy?

Remember, from this image flows grace and mercy. Graces are attainable from my image. I have given mankind an image of me. Remember I appeared before my Blessed Saint in this manner. Remember I have said, “have an image made” from what she saw.

Now is the time for these children to come to me. Now is the time for my little ones to learn of my meek and merciful heart.

Do not try to entertain my youth. Do not let them escape my merciful heart. Remember this is the time of my great mercy.

I have chosen you to bring the youth to me. Time is short. I beg you! Persevere in this work of mine. Do not grow tired or weary. How strong my adversary is working against you. He shall fill your mind with doubt and confusion. My mercy is my greatest attribute. I am the everlasting King of Mercy.

First, establish the children in my mercy. Speak about my mercy, pray for my mercy. This is all I request at this time. Slowly, they shall grow. They must be first established in my mercy. My merciful heart is like a fountain. Once the children are rooted, they shall grow in my love, in my time.

Adoration Trailer

Our Goal

Our objective is to donate the above pictured Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel to all Parochial Christian Schools – Pre K to 8th Grade Students.

The Divine Mercy Adoration Chapels can all stand alone, in any location of the school grounds, where children can spend supervised time before the image of Divine Mercy.

After school hours, the chapel can also be visited by anyone wishing to pray for their special intentions.

All Divine Mercy Adoration Chapels are mobile and can also be taken to any other location including prayer before hospitals, nursing homes, assistant living facilities as well as any neighborhood needing divine guidance and prayers.

Each Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel can also be used for various healing services conducted by priests that in the past, have been only located in one venue. This gives an opportunity to travel where most healing is needed. We have heard that many miracle healings have been experienced where one group prays before the image for healing while the Healing Ministers go into a nursing facility to lay hands over patients.

Costs The total cost for each Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel Trailer is just under $10,000. Individual donations less than this amount can be bunched together toward completion.

Naming Opportunities Gifts of the total amount of cost of the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel ($10,000) will receive a naming opportunity on the recognition wall of the trailer and individual space naming. This will be a wonderful opportunity to name and remember family members.

Our Vision We offer our youth the Image of Divine Mercy. We present an intimate look at Jesus, a powerful message of God’s extraordinary love, tender mercy, and a trustworthy hope for our youth. Now more than ever, it’s important for our youth to know that they are loved by Jesus, and that they can trust in His mercy. This is the greatest truth that moves a young heart to follow Jesus, and begin living a holy life.

We then help our youth to develop their friendship with Jesus through prayer. We begin by helping our youth to pray, to develop their interior prayer life with Jesus. Our focus is on Jesus, The Divine Mercy. Jesus wants to enter into an intimate relationship with His young ones. In prayer, Jesus becomes our constant companion and friend who speaks with us. It is a friendship that begins in the soul with Jesus.

Thank you for considering a donation for our Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel Trailers. Your generosity and support of our Disciples of Divine Mercy ministry is greatly appreciated.


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